How to use

Step 1

Prepare and Charge

Ensure your device is fully charged. This guarantees a powerful and uninterrupted therapy session for optimal cellulite reduction.

Step 2

Apply Pre-therapy Serum

The clinically-formulated Collagen-enriched Pre-Therapy Serum prepares your skin, creating an optimal canvas for rejuvenation. It's the foundation for the journey, signaling to your skin to embrace renewal.

Step 3

Start Cupping

The Relievu™ Cupping Massager, our innovation centerpiece, expertly fuses suction, red light therapy, and heat. Suction gently relaxes those fibrous bands, red light boosts collagen generation, while heat amplifies blood flow.

Step 4

Finish with Post-therapy cream

The Post-Therapy Cream acts as the closing note, a symphony of Collagen, Panthenol, and essential oils. This final touch nurtures your skin's newfound vitality, ensuring enduring radiance.